How to Fish in winter with Tackle Box

tackle box

Start one of the biggest challenges for fishing enthusiasts. Winter is just around the corner and the difficulty of getting a good catch attracts the best fishermen to compete against the weather to get their long-awaited reward. Fishing in winter becomes a real challenge. During the enemy’s time of fishermen, freezing temperatures frighten the fish that seek refuge from the cold. In order to solve this problem and achieve success in winter fishing days tackle box. At We Fish, we are going to list a series of tips that can benefit the fishermen who practice them.

Species you can find in winter

Each species has a different ability to adapt to low temperatures. Some of the families best adapted to the cold are salmonids. The space in which they are found is reduced since the river flow is also reduced.

Other species that are more resistant to the cold of winter are pike perch, pike and catfish. The activity of these fish and their metabolism is not as affected as that of other species. It must be taken into account that the same species can show differences in behavior, depending on its geographical location. This is because an abrupt change in temperature is not the same, that the fish cannot survive, and other fish that have been acclimatizing in a more prolonged period of time.

Another possibility to fish may be the Black Bass. We have already talked about the fishing of this species at all times of the year. But something that we must take into account when we intend to capture a predator is that the lower the temperature, the less food there will be. The metabolism of these species usually slows down, which leads them to digest their prey more slowly and also reduces their hunting outings.

From saltwater, the sea bass or the bass show a higher activity than the rest of the species during these dates. In addition, catches during winter tend to be larger in size than during the rest of the year.

Tips for fishing in winter

One of the main keys to success in catches during the winter season is fishing in warm waters. When you go fishing, it is important that you look for warm waters as you can find in reservoirs, lakes, etc. In these areas look for places where you can find a higher density of fish throughout the year. In places where it itched little in warmer seasons, they will not do it during the winter. Try to place yourself in the areas that spend more time exposed to the sun.

You must take into account the weather forecasts to locate the ideal fishing conditions in a season in which the weather changes easily. This is very simple with the function of planning your departure with WeFish. If you have the Premium version of our app you can program all the alarms you need. That way you will always be informed when it is the best time to fish.

We have already discussed the importance of finding the longest sun and the warmest temperatures. Therefore, the best time to go fishing is the central hours of the day. Between 11 am and 4 pm it is the hottest moment.

Of material, it can be very useful to use a telescopic rod with a length of approximately four or six meters, which would be perfect for fishing from shore.

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